Josquin Guillaume de ValliƩre


Name: Dirk
Homeland Talent: Cosmopolitan
Languages: Royaume, Common, Thieves’ Cant
Trait: Adventurous

Agility 10 (7+2+1)
Awareness 11 (7+3+1)
Brawn 7 (7)
Coordination 9 (7+1+1)
Intelligence 7 (7)
Personality 10 (7+2+1)
Willpower. 8 (7+1)

Caste: Petty Noble
Social Standing: 2
EXP: 875 (775 spent)

Petty Noble Stories: Left to your Own Devices
Trait: Adventurous
Archetype: Scoundrel
Nature: Sneaky
Education: Apprenticed Abroad
War Stories: Survived a Massacre

Thievery: +4 Expertise, +4 Focus
Acrobatics: +4 Expertise, +4 Focus
Stealth: +3 Expertise, +3 Focus
Athletics: +2 Expertise, +2 Focus
Persuade: +2 Expertise, +2 Focus
Ranged Weapons: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Survival: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Lore: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Melee: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Observation: +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Healing +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Discipline +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Society +1 Expertise, +1 Focus
Insight +1 Expertise, +1 Focus

Deerskin jacket and leggings (Armor 1)
A sling with load of stones (1) (3d6+2d6)
Sword (4d6)
Knife (3d6)
Shield (2d6) (Also 2d6 soak)
Box of maps
Chest of counterfeit goods
Hooded cloak and gloves
Brigandine Armor (on horse)

Caste Talent: Sheltered (can loan money from nobles)
Caste Talent: Subject (pay less money for upkeep in homeland)
Career Talent: Agile (reroll 1 die on Acrobatics checks)
Nature Talent: Thief (Can use Thievery in place of social or knowledge rolls for other criminals)
Education Talent: Message Runner (Reduce difficulty due to obstacles by 1 when running or moving fast)
Free Talent: Underworld Lore (Can spend 1 Momentum to learn about famous thefts/heists/locations)
Free Talent: Dodge! (Can use Acrobatics to defend against any form of attack)
Purchased Talent: Nimble as a Cat (Reduce difficulty for jumps by 1 and falling damage by 2d6)
Purchased Talent: Master Thief (Reroll 1d20 on any Thievery test)
Purchased Talent: Living Shadow (Gain 1 bonus Momentum on any successful Stealth roll)
Purchased Talent: Sixth Sense (Reroll 1d20 on any Insight test; always know when magic is involved)
Purchased Talent: Many Blades (Spend 1 Doom to obtain a combat-worthy knife or dagger)
Purchased Talent: Force of Presence (+1 damage die on mental attacks)

Vigor: 7
Resolve: 9
Starting Gold: 11 (pooled to 20 with Mace)

Sword 1
Knife 0
Shield 2
Armor 1
Bag of maps 1
Chest of counterfeit goods 1
Sling + Stones 1
Religious symbol 0
Brigandine Armor 3 (on horse)


Dirk’s Bag-o-fakes

Brass jewelry with glass gems
Signet ring belonging to House Graf, loot from the last heist
Small book scrawled with gibberish “ancient language”
Embroidered handkerchief of a “lady’s favor” Lost to demon blood
Assorted talismans
Pine bark “incense” and pinewood “sandalwood”
Henna, for fake tattoos
Gibberish-engraved bones for “fortune telling”
Fake letters from various invented nobles


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