Amanda's Thoughts

The other side of the mountains

Crossing the mountains was surprisingly painless. I expected bandits and kobolds, but it turned out to fairly calm.
My companions seem pretty odd.
Mace is humongous, and his strength seemed to back it up.
Dirk is… jittery. He seems to not have an off switch.
I spoke a bit with Karrin, my current employer.

I may have given the impression of being pretty boring, as it took most of the trip before I realised that my soldier training had put me into a mindset where I was not exactly a conversationalist.
We started to see the smoke from Greenrest over the hills. It was a smoke I recognise all too well… Fires from battle. I had already decided to go, but Mace and Dirk surprised me.

Mace set off into a full on run. He managed to keep up with Andersson, as I set off after him. We got close enough to see that the attackers were kobolds, and Mace just took off, even faster than before. I shot a quick glance back to Dirk… He would not be able to keep up with Mace, so I spurred Andersson to run faster. I caught up just in time to realise that maybe he did not need my help, as it was. Mace just instantly cleaved through two kobolds. His form is untrained, unnurtured. But he is strong. Stronger than I thought possible. During our short battle with the kobolds, he managed to wreck an entire house. I faced off with a kobold cavalerist…Or whatever this vermin would call it. A kobold riding a big lizard, anyway. I managed to hold my own, but Andersson got hurt and tipped over. Before I struck the kobold down, Dirk came to finish it off, allowing another escape. This was not honourable combat, but an escaped kobold in the village can still cause damage. We won this small skirmish, time to go to the next battlefield.

The Battle of Greenrest

Mace picked up the wounded guard, and we met up with civilians that Mace and Dirk had seen in the alley on the other side of what used to be a house. We decided to head towards the middle of town, and its fort.

Dirk saw a group of kobolds outside the fort. We decided to split up. Myself and Mace would attack the kobolds head on, and Dirk went around to warn the soldiers inside the fort. While we waited for Dirk to get around, myself and Dirk went to the Tanner’s square. The square was cleared, but a lot of sound came from the inn. Myself and Mace snuck inside. Mace’s ability to stealth is quite surprising, for such a big man to move so subtly… Surprising. Inside the inn we found chaos. Two groups of humans fighting EACH OTHER… At a time like this? It actually made me angry. The two sole kobolds in the room was quickly taken out by Mace. One of the men tried to attack the barmaid after knocking her to the floor. I knocked the attack to the side, and inquired what was going on. They answering in the displeasing ways, so myself and Mace just allowed everyone to come with us, but didn’t insist, when some decided to stay.

We returned to the edges of the main square. We waited for Dirk’s signal. I did not know what it was, but the fire was unmistakable. Mace did was Mace does. He ran in and crushed one of them. I charged in, and used my knightly posture to spur our allies on, and discourage the enemy. The battle was harrowing, but we eventually pulled through. Midway through the soldiers inside joined us. After the battle Dirk came up to me, before going after Mace, and told me that I was Amanda, a knight who just decided to help these people., I was very confused… He said it as if I did not know, and told me that I am very well into the character., he makes me very confused. Myself and the captain went to fetch the civilians, and the wounded soldier.

Andersson was hurt during the combat, so I took him straight to the stables fed him and checked his wounds. Dirk came up to me and mentioned the dark magic that had happened. Magic… Worrying. The captain came up to check on us, and to see if we were sticking around. I had already decided to stay for a bit, at the very least… But we saw a drake in distance… It looked strange, however. It looked sick. Its rider seemed dead. It was heading away from the village.

We were given food a room in the fort, and the three of us went to discuss what to do next. Dirk seemed excited about going after a dragon. So we decided to stick around to aid the village.

Amanda's Thoughts

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