Dirk's Notes

Scrawled in thieves’ cant in mirrored script.


Caravan owner. Rich old hagge. Stingjy. Generous enuff with food, esp. for Mace. Don’t like her. Guards trust well enuff her, won’t mess with them. Decent men if old & abit gruff. Caravans contents not very Interesting & not worth it. Soon in Greenest, will have to look for new Marks. Guards mayby sleep with her?



Lady & would guess some kindof Officer. Seems stuckup & vain, won’t speak much with dregs like Mace & me. Eats like a Dainty Princess & don’t like the food. No family Cresst. Weyrd. Hasn’t complayned all the way across the Mountins though. Probably not just Merc, too much Pryde. Must investigate. Saddlebags contain nuthin interesting.

Horse named Anderson.



KOBOLDS fuck This why do I always get all the badd Luck?

Note 2 self remember to blame collasped building on Kobolds not Mace

ROOF KOBOLDS kill later probably dedd oreddy roof pushing little Basterd

Greenest Keep

Fort, base stone, wood. Maney Windows, poorly guarded presently. Hill w few Approaches. Nearbye Henne coop useful for Distracshons. Safe for Civilians & other Folk. Will sleep in Storadge, good. Won everyones Trust by killing maney Kobolds & sorcerus Purplefucks also (name pending need to think of something Impresive)


Men in Purple robes (jealous!) made of Stone turn to Stone after gettyng Swordedd in Face. Probably sorcerus somehow, maybe made of Bredde made by Alchymyst who can make Gold from Bredde or suhclike who also made Crocodyles somehow


Skilled Commander & Brave but smart enuff to fear Sorcerus Purplefucks & their Alchymyst maker. Killed a Crocodyle & let other Crocodyle away but Mace cut in half & its fine. Ready to risk Life for the city. An good an honorable Knighte as Knightes go. Will Investigate more later maybe by rifling thru Stuff when given Opportunity.

Governor Nighthill

Seems a nice Fellow & cares for his people. Stabbed by turncoat Assassin (very Badde keep lookout!)
probably dedd soon did what i could lady Nightyngale watch over his Soul & other Gods keep his Bloode on the insyde


Amanda called it a Verybygge Drayke or some Such but it’s a Draggon I am sure of it. We’ll take its Gold later & maybe rescue Pryncesses also but Amanda can have Them if she wants. Will begyn making Plans tomorrow for now Investigate the keep & rest.


VERY DANGEROUS Sneaky Basterds everywhere & disguised as oridnary Humans. Killed Everett & nearly killed Nighthill also. Have mud colored Bloode & very probably made from Lyzirds & Alchymy or some such their blood is venomus & burns. Amanda was coated in it & i hope she doesnt get covered inboils it would be shameful. she has very pretty & fyne Skin.



This Knighte gets curiouser & curiouser. Fyne purple Dress & Silver necklace of WARGOD? ORDER sword on It don’t know its Meaning. No other things of Value except Letter?? from KNIGHTE name of Leoric saying she won a great Battel?


has her own sope why bring sope & no fineries & no extra Underpants? no Myrror or Comb either



Grumpy olde Dwarf. Seems an right savage Warrior keen eyed & sharp CAREFUL. Note to self do not rob later unless definitely worth it (probably has Dwarfin Gold somewhere)

Seems rite enuff in the headde, knows to Kill the Lyzird-blooded Assassins good enuff for me. has red blood which is Good probably not Lyzird but has eyes like an hawke. Gave him map back MISTAKE?



check injured soldiers Bloode. ritual of Bloodlettyng to ward of Disease on cyvilians & unwounded Guards. put Good Mark on forehedd. just like Br Franciscus did gods wathc over his Soul & he is probably with the Mountin King but all the same rest his Memory with any Gods that can

he was a good man and an good Priest


so many dead

so tired

Smith Mara

Seems very Watchful over Stabels and people there in. A tall Woman, very strong but seems right in the Hedde. Helped out after a Lyzird Blood Bastard tried to start Trouble when I poked to check his Bloode. does not trust me and Mace I think but should not matter


bar Maid blonde & pretty with handsome Breasts. Amanda has been making Eyes at her and now she is Gone. Hopefully with the Knighte as otherwyse might be up to SOMETHING?



Local Boss. Sounds like a Mister Bigshot or Elder Brother flavor but cant say for Sure hope the former but seems to Stick out for his People maybe so could be Brother.

?working with Kobolds and Purplefucks?

dogs take his treacherous Balls if he is thats no way to run a Buisiness


Merc. Goode at his Job reminds me of someone (have met before? Investigate)

Note to self do not rob later. Too Clever by far. has an Knighte’s sworde and shot 1 of Strongjaws boys on Sighte. real Dogbrother, probably good Friend but not won Cheaply either as Merc or Friend

already owe him one for stabbing Kobold though Mace tooke him up the Wall so I suppose we are Even?

In any case the Childrin are safe now.

NOTE TO SELF get Cloak with easier Claspe. almost hanged myself on that Damn Kobolds speer.

NOTE TO SELF 2 they are not my Childrin and if i have any Basterds i dont care for them but damn if I am not Proud of this? Mace endagered us Both & the Fort and yet

(the rest of the entry has been scrawled out)

Dirk's Notes

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