People of Greenest

The Keep

Governor Nighthill – Old man, wise leader of the city.

Castellan Escobert – Captain of the Palace Guard and keeper of the castle. Dwarf, red hair, red beard, carries a big axe. Gruff and speaks very little unless he has to.

Everett – Guard, killed by TRAITORMAN.

Ullric the TRAITORMAN – Acid-blooded assassin, tried to kill Dirk and Mace.

Sigvard – Male servant.

Ellen – Female servant.

Other Citizens

Captain Gerald – Captain of the City Guard, disciplined human warrior.

Farras – A city guard.

Josephine – Blond buxom barmaid, accused of being an infiltrator by the Strongjaw Gang. Very subservient to Amanda after having been saved.

The Strongjaw gang, fought in the bar brawl, accused Josephine the barmaid of being an infiltratior. Garric Strongjaw supposed leader. Seen as troublemakers but not outlaws by Escobert the Castellan

Derek & Alanda and their children, Bertie & Liz.

People of Greenest

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