Advancement Tracker

First Session

100 XP gained

Amanda: 0 XP spent
Dirk: 100 XP spent (Nimble as a Cat)
Mace: 0 XP spent

Second Session

150 XP gained

Amanda +50 XP for mutually confusing conversations with Dirk
Dirk +50 XP for setting things on fire like a madman, +50 XP for looking out for Mace
Mace +50 XP for taking care of and playing with the kids

Amanda: 150 XP spent (Captain), 150 XP spent (Quiet Wisdom)
Dirk: 100 XP spent (Master Thief), 125 XP spent (Living Shadow), 25 XP banked
Mace: 175 XP spent (Hardy), 125 XP banked

Third Session

100 XP gained

Amanda +50 XP for naked inquisition charge.
Dirk: +50 XP for rifling through Amanda’s stuff and finding a letter, +25 XP for “Hot Potato”.
Mace +50 XP for instigating the weirdness that happened, by panicking about magic, +25 XP for being suspicious about a reasonable servant.

Amanda: 0 Spent, X banked.
Dirk: 175 XP spent (Sixth Sense), 25 banked.
Mace: 175 XP Spent (Indefatigable) , 125 XP banked.

Advancement Tracker

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