Mace's Prayers

[Session 1]

Hello Mountain King. It’s Mace again. Thank you for keeping the rain away while we walked through the pass in your side, that was nice. Daisy says thank you for the grass, it was very green and looked tasty. I guess it would be, being this close to you and all. Dirk says we’re stopping at a city soon, I hope I can still see you from there. The people we’re travelling with seem ok, I guess. The one who owns the wagons is a bit greedy, I think, but otherwise I think they’re good people. Dirk tells me one of them is unusual, because she didn’t have a picture on her armor or something. I don’t know, she seems nice too.

I wanted to tell you about my wife again, I know you have a lot on your mind these days. Her name was Margery, and she was beautiful. Her hair was almost brown, but it glittered in the sun, like a flower. The ones growing by the cliff to the west of the shaded path, you remember? The kind of red ones? Her hair looked almost like those, when the sun hit it just right. And she was kind, she always took care of everyone. She was great with Jo and Jehan. They… They were our children. I… I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

[Session 2]

Hello Mountain King. It’s Mace again. I hope you’re not busy. I’ve just been out playing with Bertie and Liz, they’re good kids. You’ll keep an eye out for them, won’t you? They’re not too far away, I can still see the windy trail from here. They’re in Greenest, by the way, like me. It looks like a nice city, except it was attacked by kobolds. I really hate kobolds. I’m sure you understand. I don’t like fighting, but kobolds are different. I should probably explain, so you don’t think less of me. We first saw the city in the distance, and we could see that it was on fire. The merchant was very cowardly, despite having soldiers, so she stayed behind as Dirk and I ran to the village. Well, Daisy and I ran to the village, you understand, but that’s just because Dirk has much shorter legs. The unusual woman came along as well, that was good. When we arrived at the city, we realized that it wasn’t just on fire, it was being raided by kobolds. I killed several kobolds, and I helped several people, including Bertie and Liz. Then I carried them into the fort on my shoulders, and we played until they had to go to bed. It’s been so long since I… They were almost the same age as Jo and Jehan, too…

Jo, she’s actually called Johanna, but I always liked to call her Jo, and Jehan, they were my children. Mine and Margery, from yesterday, remember? I took Jo up to meet you a few years ago, do you remember? She was very scared, but also very excited. I showed her where you lived, and she said it looked lonely. She was so much like her mother, always looking out for someone else. She was very good with Jehan, too. I was going to take Jehan up to you as well, before…


I think Dirk had a rough day, he fell off a roof and he looked very upset when he saw all the kobolds. Remember to keep an eye out for him, I know he doesn’t talk to you much, but that’s just because he’s so proud. He thinks you don’t like him anymore, but I know you do. I’ll talk to you again tomorrow. I have to go talk to Dirk now, he’s talking to the unusual woman and he looks very confused.

[Session 3]

Oh Mountain King, hear my prayer. This man, Everett, lies dead. Soon he will rest in your embrace, and he will be with you until the mountains are dust in the wind. You may not have known him, and to be honest neither did I, but I hope you will take him in and care for him, now that he is gone. He lived a good life, I think, and he died before his time.


It’s Mace, by the way, but I’m very busy right now, I’ll talk to you again later.

Mace's Prayers

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